Sample English Essays On Growth Of Social Media Usage

Homework Question on Growth of social media usage

  • Topic to be discussed (for example – increase in mobile usage and how it effects media). Many possible topics can be sourced from the material we have discussed in class or through the recommended reading on the syllabus.
  • One written page
  • Single space.
  • This page will cover the topic and your personal opinion on the issue.
  •  You have to give me 3/4 of a page of detailed information on the top plus 1/4 of a page of your personal opinion on the topic
  1. Do you agree with a trend, do you think the topic you are are talking about is going to be big or is it going away, do you think that the topic is understated and it will have a much bigger impact on media etc.

Homework Answer on Growth of social media usage

There has been a tremendous growth in the usage of social media platforms particularly Facebook and twitter over the past decade. Approximately 65 percent of adults in America use social sites today (Perrin, p1).  A decade ago, only seven percent of adults in America used the social networking sites. Social media’s growth can further be analyzed based on some factors that include: gender differences, age differences, ethnic and racial similarities and community differences.

First, 90 percent of young adults today are mostly likely to be engaged with the social media sites. In addition, social media usage among people 65 years and older has significantly grown. In 2005, only five percent of this age group used social sites. Today, 35 percent of this age group use social sites. Similarly, 68 percent of women are social networkers as compared to 62 percent represented by men (Perrin, p1).

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Furthermore, only 2 percent represented rural residents while 9 percent represented urban resident. Today, 64 and 58 percent are represented by urban and rural respectively. In relation to ethnic similarities, significant growth has been evident over the past decade. In 2005, Hispanics were represented by 10 percent, whites 7 percent and African-Americans 6 percent. Today, 56 percent represent African-Americans and 65 percent both Hispanics and whites (Perrin, p1).