Sample English Essays On Glory and Gore by Lorde

Homework Question on Glory and Gore by Lorde

  1. Choose one of the songs and critically analyze the social message the artist or band sings about. You need to make a clear and concise thesis. You must use at least 5 sources to bolster your claim.
  • 5 pages plus 1 page for works cited MLA format.

Homework Answer on Glory and Gore by Lorde

Glory and Gore is a song off Ella Yelich-O’Connor’s album titled Pure Heroine that was released in 2013. Ella, popularly known as Lorde wrote the song in conjunction with her producer Joel Little and since its release, the song has received worldwide acclaim not only for its lyrical genius but also for its social message (Gleason 1). The song utilizes black satire to bring out the themes of popular culture and its effect on society as well as the struggles by youths for recognition and acceptance. This paper analyzes the two themes by giving details from the song lyrics as well as by interpreting the artiste’s life and motivation for music.

In order to understand the song, it is important to recognize Lorde’s motivation for the album. At the time of writing the song, Lorde was a 16-year old girl from New Zealand struggling to cut a niche for herself in a world dominated by pristine-looking American popstars (Mccall 1). Her gothic vibe of black clothing and a long unruly mane do not her much praise from fashion critics and neither does her acne-riddled face.

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Her personal struggles have led her to speak about having issues with her looks and she is an advocate for self-confidence and embracing one’s imperfections (RockGenius 1). These are the struggles that she talks about in the Pure Heroine album and Glory and Gore is a song about some of these struggles.The title, Glory and Gore, depicts the struggles that come with glory. Those who seek glory in this world have to undergo numerous obstacles and usually prey on the weaknesses of others.