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  1. Write an essay about Food safety and health regulation in Bangkok Thailand

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Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand in Asia with a population of six million, according to the United Nations data. It is described as a developing country with most of its residents being low income earners. On the other hand, food safety or security refers to the state at which the general public has both physical and economic access to sufficient food for a productive and healthy life. Food safety in a country is determined by a number of factors that affect the access of healthy and adequate food in households.

Bangkok is a town that is affected by food insecurity and it leads to negative consequences to both local and foreign consumers. In regard to this, the government introduced “Bangkok’s Street Food Project” to enhance food accessibility in the country. However, the project has been confronted with various challenges posing a threat to the food safety in the area. Esterik states that street food is dangerous because food safety measures are not observed accordingly (121).

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Contaminated food contributes to 1.5 billion cases of diarrhea in children annually leading to an approximate of 3,000,000 premature deaths according to WHO and Thailand is one of the most affected countries. Thus, in this paper I explore the various risks posed by food safety in Bangkok and the government input in ensuring there is food security. Therefore, this study aim to examine the determinants of food safety and security, expenditure patterns, education level concerning food safety in Bangkok.