Sample English Essays On Food Presentation “Ugly Food”

Homework Question on Food Presentation “ugly food”

  • Consider the question of so-called “ugly food,” and how aesthetics influence this most basic human need.
  • Read the two articles, and observe how food is presented in at least two campus locations.
  • The food could be prepared fresh, such as at Trim, or packaged, such as in the bookstore.
  • Write a 2 page reflection in which You think critically about the intersection of the human need to eat and the way that our food looks. The goal of the reflection is to analyze a basic component of your environment that many overlook daily.
  • Consider questions such as, but not limited to, the following:
  1. What affect has aesthetics had on your food choices, either on campus or in general?
  2. Describe the food you observed and its campus locations.
  3. What trends do you notice in food presentation on campus?
  4. Are there significant differences in the presentation of freshly prepared and packaged foods?
  5. What messages do these foods’ presentation send?


Jill Richardson, “‘Food Doesn’t All Look the Same, and It Shouldn’t’: It’s Shocking How Much ‘Ugly’ Food We Throw Away”

Dan Mitchell, “Why People Are Falling in Love with ‘Ugly’ Food”

Homework Answer on Food Presentation “ugly food”

Part of the three fundamental human needs is the need and urge to consume food. Feeding is an inherent and natural process that the human body cannot survive without. The repercussions of failing to feed can range from ill health condition to ultimate death. However, the feeding patterns and choices of food among people are varying considerably. According to Jill Richardson article “Food Doesn’t All Look the Same, and It Shouldn’t’:

It’s Shocking How Much ‘Ugly’ Food We Throw Away”, about 40% of the food produced in America is wasted because it is thrown away as junk or considered not fit for human consumption based on aesthetics. The feeding culture will vary among people from different societies with some consuming three meals in a day while others consume three-course meals. Furthermore, the choice of a food store, especially for school student, is limited since they cannot acquire fresh foods. Instead, they are forced to buy packaged foods.

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For instance, two places that students feed on while on campus include Trim dining hall and Reynolds. Trim dining hall serves a buffet where students can get food for at least three times in a day. However, Trim dining hall does not serve tasty food. The food dished to students from the parlour is not tasty, and at times it is unhealthy. For instance, they sell pizzas, chicken nuggets, and hamburgers.