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Homework Question on Fahrenheit 451

  1. This essay is about “Fahrenheit 451”. It is a Cause and effect essay. How did Clarisse, Mrs Black, and Captain Beatty change Guy Montag.

Homework Answer on Fahrenheit 451

The main character in the novel Fahrenheit 451, Guy Montag, is a fireman whose work is to burn books, houses of those who hold them and eventhesepeoplewhen they refuse to get ridof their books. He enjoys his job and performs it very successfully (Bradbury 3). Just like everybody in hissociety, Montag believes that books should be burned. Unlike people concentrating on reading “boring” books, they are engaged in other pleasant activities such as entertainment and technology.

Loud music and partying are the usual state of affairs for the people in Fahrenheit 451.Montag is married to Mildred but he is not really in love with her. Their bedroom is so dull and silent; they have nothing to talk about or discuss. Montag keeps eavesdropping on the conversations of his neighbors. Hislife takes different turns, and this paper looks at the cause and effects of the various cycles in Montag’s life. It discovers how the three characters,Clarisse, Mrs. Black, and Captain Beatty, changed the life of Guy Montag.

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Clarisse is portrayed as a young lady who loves nature and life. She is a free bird who hits Montag as an exact opposite of his wife, Mildred. She is warm and intelligent and enjoys little things in nature that Montag and his wife and friends do not seem to recognize. She is a symbol of an educated modern woman who is well aware of her surrounding and is in total control of herself. All these traits attract Montag to her, and they become friends. Montag realizes that they live different lives, and he prefers to have a life such as that ofClarisse(Bradbury5).