Sample English Essays On Events at the City of Terre Haute

Homework Question on Events at the City of Terre Haute

  • You should attend events/activities on campus, in the city of Terre Haute or surrounding areas (Bloomington, Indianapolis).
  • The events/activities should be related to American culture.
  • It is your responsibility to find events to go to.
  • Your report should be 1-2 pages and include a summary of the event.
  • Also, you must include what you did and saw.
  • Please write simple words and short sentences.

Homework Answer on Events at the City of Terre Haute

Terre Haute is one of the American cities with many activities going on in its neighborhoods. It is located at the Wabash riverbank. Terre Haute has different museums; for instance, museums of the wheels which gives a lot of history of the American heroes who were racers. Apart from the Wheel Museum, Terre Haute also houses children’s science and technology Museum, which gives a social history of the American people, it portrays home settings that were in America given the presence of grocery store.

At Terre city, there are leisure activities like swimming and visiting the museums, you can also decide to enjoy drumbeats from different musical instrumentation. In most cases, there are always various activities taking place at the Tilson Musical, which is at the Indiana University, where seminars are held, workshops and many others. At Terre Haute city, there is a club for the intermediate levels known as The Terre Haute Guitar. This club promotes music to the students by allowing them to play guitars and come up with their songs getting to know the different concepts in music.

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While in Terre Haute, I got the opportunity to visit various sections where different activities were going on. I went to the great racers wheels museum where I got to know the great athletes of America. Afterwards, I went to the Children’s science and technology museum where I got the social history of the American people, home set up and economic activity portrayed by the existence of the granary indicating farming.