Sample English Essays On Effects of Lighting On Health

Homework Question on Effects of Lighting On Health

  1. Research the topic of lighting and the physical, psychological, or physiological effects on health in a peer reviewed journal.
  2. Write a one-page essay(summary) on their findings and how the research might affect their design of an interior environment. include work cited.

Homework Answer on Effects of Lighting On Health

Lighting is very essential to human functioning. However, the numerous spectrums offered by the diverse kinds of lighting affects human both psychologically as well as physiologically. Numerous researches have documented the significance of lighting in minimizing depression, reducing fatigue, enhancing alertness, in the modulation of circadian rhythms and in the treatment of health conditions like hyperbilirubinemia among newborns (Joseph 2).

In addition, the availability of windows in buildings and accessibility of sunshine have been associated with improved contentment with the working setting.  Sufficient lighting is also revealed to be associated with reduced medication-dispensing errors in a work environment.      Lighting affects human wellbeing and functionality by four main means. First it enables people perform the visual tasks. The distribution of light normally affects the level of performance in that performance on visual roles usually improves as the amount of lighting increases (Joseph 3).

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Second, lighting helps to control the body’s circadian operation. Lighting that falls on the retina which is then passed on to the hypothalamus usually affects the circadian functionality (Joseph 4). Finally lighting also has affects individuals’ moods and perception. Individuals’ moods are normally affected by various kinds of lighting conditions. Changes in moods are not always the same for everyone with the same state of lighting. For the same state of lighting, a person’s uneasiness, liking, anticipation as well as gender affects how ones mood changes (Joseph 7).