Sample English Essays On “Dystopian Fiction: An Introduction”

Homework Question on”Dystopian Fiction: An Introduction”

  • Read and Annotate: “Dystopian Fiction: An Introduction” by John George Adams o Read and Annotate: “Stanford scholar asks:
  1. What does the traumatic past mean for our future?”

Homework Answer on”Dystopian Fiction: An Introduction”

John talks about dystopian fiction to refer to society behavioral attribute. The word dystopian is used to represent society’s reaction towards protagonist’s desire. An example is where government uses its power and authority to impose measures that lead to the reduction of the population and movement restrictions for citizens. People’s freedom is therefore limited by the rules and regulations imposed on them.

However, dystopian fiction still plays an important role in determining the right thing for an individual in the society. A person may consider restrictions by government to be good based on security for properties and wealth. Contrary, this does not guarantee satisfaction in terms of freedom. Another individual may finds restrictions to be unnecessary. At this point, there is lack of standard measure for behavioral control by government.

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This means that people usually trade off their freedom of movement for security an action that limits their interaction process .An ideal state is regarded as a place where government power and authority rests on the hands of the public. The society makes decisions on behalf of the governing body. However, this is not the case on the ground. Government is in full control of the society. This means that government makes and implements rules without the society consent.