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Homework Question on Drug Testing

  1. This purpose of this paper is to show evidence against the belief that people on welfare should be drug tested. Discuss why it was thought to be true that a drug testing policy should be in place.
  2. Then introduce factual evidence to disprove that theory.
  • I will be including links to 2 websites I’ve found with information. You may use other website information if needed. Remember this is an argument of fact.

Homework Answer on Drug Testing

Every year, both national and federal governments offer hundreds, if not thousands, of US dollars in programs considered “welfare”. The social programs encompass such things as nutritional support, joblessness, supplies, social security, government financial medical care, donations and loans for learning institutions just to mention a few. There is a conviction that it must be mandatory for recipients of such kinds of governmental aid to go through drug testing.

Nevertheless, demanding people on welfare to have drug testing not only captures extremely few abusers, but also abases underprivileged individuals (Jones par. 10-15). Necessitating people on welfare to have drug testing has both benefits and demerits.Arizona is believed to be the first state to enact a testing program when it started testing fresh welfare recipients, in 2009, in case of a sensible cause to suspect illegal drug abuse.

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However, by 2012, out of the approximately 87,000 persons taken through the program, just a single individual had tested positive (Jones par. 1-5). It was considered true that a drug testing strategy should be put in place possibly to save the government funds by discontinuing drug abusers from welfare programs so that they do not waste money from the government on drugs. Moreover, others believe that because people who habitually work could be tested for drugs in their place of work, people on welfare must also be required to have drug testing.