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Homework Question on Development of E-books



  1. Which Kind of Book do you prefer to Read, Ebook or Traditional Paper Book? And Why?

Homework Answer on Development of E-books

Technology has introduced new and better things that have changed the way things are done. One of the revolutionary changes has been in development of e-books, which are digital books accessible via a computer or even a smart phone. These books have numerous advantages that create a huge market for them and a promising future. However, I still prefer to read traditional paper books. I feel better holding a book and shifting through the pages any way I want.

Consequently, I have not adopted e-books wholeheartedly though I still use them because they are readily available on the internet and are easier to share without losing the original copy. However, given a choice to read an e-book or traditional paper book I will chose the traditional one any day. There is a likelihood that as technology improves; these digital books will improve, which will make them better to read and more appealing than they are currently.

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Consequently, they will appeal to more people leading to death of physical books.Finally, digital books have many advantages over traditional paper ones which with improved technology will make them a reader’s choice. This is encouraging because people are looking forward to things that are easy to carry and safe. Digital books exist in soft copy, which means we only need our phones or tablets to walk around with them and read at any time we want. This means that in as much as I prefer traditional paper books I reckon that their time is almost up.