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Homework Question on Damien Hirst, United Kingdom’s Controversial and Richest Living Artist

  1. You need to write a one-page obituary choosing a known person for the field of art (still alive).
  2. Try to write all the details necessary in order to have a complete obituary about that person.

Homework Answer on Damien Hirst, United Kingdom’s Controversial and Richest Living Artist

Damien Hirst, a major figure of the Young British Artists movement during the late 80s and early 90s, died last night. Damien rose to fame through Natural History, a series of artworks that involved preserving dead animals in formaldehyde. The most known of these is a shark piece, The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, which Damien describes as ‘thing to describe a feeling’.

The British National was engaged in a car crash, which left two other lives lost while on his way home. He succumbed to his injuries and was later pronounced dead on arrival at the North Devon District Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Unit. Born in Bristol England on the 7th day of June in 1965, he is described by his mother Mary Brennan as being a ‘morbid child.’ He was raised in Leeds as a catholic and aspects of this religion can be seen in his work.

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In his teenage years, he showed passion in drawing and his mother was supportive. He studied Fine Art at the University of London’s Goldsmiths College where his 1988 display Freeze was very successful. While at College, he had a job at a mortuary, which influenced his later artwork.He is survived by his mother Mary Brennan and three sons; Connor Ojala Hirst, Cassius Atticus Hirst and Cyrus Joe Hirst.