Sample English Essays On Critique of Society

Homework Question on To what extent are these texts a critique of society

  • Three texts: The importance of being earnest by Oscar Wilde , a handful of dust by Evelyn Waugh , the wasteland by T.s Elliott 4 paragraphs in total One paragraph on :
  1. How money driven the society is
  2. Loneliness/selfishness/antiromantic
  3. Loss of sexual morality
  4. Representation of women

Homework Answer on To what extent are these texts a critique of society

How money driven the society is

The society is an entity that is driven by numerous factors. These factors are those that differentiate individuals within the society on the basis of class differences. Belonging  to an upper or a lower class in the society is not a prerogative of individuals but results from different aspects such as wealth and the ability to influence the decision making process. Oscar Wilde in his play, The Importance of Being Earnest presents the society as divided along classes which include the upper, middle and lower classes.

The lavish lives that characterize that of the members of the upper class are different from the struggles of the middle class and the sufferings of the lower class. The political class, which is the upper class, has the ability to influence the decision-making process in the society because they control the financial system. This explains why it is easier for the members of this class to live lavish lives characterized by debts with the hope that they will overcome these debts through inheritance of family property of through marriages.

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In Wilde’s play the Victorian class system emphasizes on the maintenance of the status quo. This is by ensuring that the upper, lower and middle classes marry within their class settings. Lady Bracknell views Jack’s sentiments of politics as conservative and attributable to the middle class. She says that Jack is from the “unfashionable side” of the country.