Sample English Essays On Effective Communication Skills

Homework Question on Communication Skills

  1. Discussion After completing the Personal Writing Assessment and reviewing the media presentations, what insights have you gained that will support and aid your development as an effective communicator?
  2. How will developing strong communication skills help you become a leader in your chosen professional field?
  3. What information from the unit readings or the journal article you located might be helpful to you in developing better communication skills?
  • Be sure to follow APA guidelines for citations and references

Homework Answer on Communication Skills

Effective communicator

To achieve effective communication one ultimate impact that your project should have is effectiveness in propagating strategy. There should be appropriate goals that make changes, help in making decisions, and efficiency to improve the outcome, and benefit of the recipient. It is important to analyze carefully and understand the topics by carefully reading before disseminating any information to the heritor. This helps to avoiding relying wrong information and also helps one to become a good and effective communicator(Webb, p. 12-15 2011).   .

Communication skills and leadership in professional field

Strong communication skills can be helpful in a person’s career especially in creating missions, goals, and being objective. It also does help in achieving success since one is able to avoid the numerous barriers that arises from poor communication skills. Good communication skills come with persuasive tactics and diplomatic skills that are pertinent in many careers. Strong communication skills are crucial in creating a good working relationships at work, since one is able to work with fellow workers and produce quality work thus guaranteeing success (Elias, 2009, p. 21-24).

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Developing better communication skills

To communicate effectively one must have better skills, this means that it is more than just exchanging information, rather it is a better understanding of the sentiment behind the information. Understanding the recipient of the intended message, it is important to consider the person that one is relaying a message to avoid conflict and misunderstanding. Use of proper language especially in official setting is crucial to ensure the message is received as intended and is not misinterpreted.