Sample English Essays On Children and Mobile Phones

Homework Question on Children and Mobile Phones

  1. Should children under age of 18 be banned from using mobile phone?
  2. What might the arguments against such a law be?
  • Please use figures and data with organizations and examples of some governments and make sure that you answered the two questions.

Homework Answer on Children and Mobile Phones

Yes, children under 18 years should be prohibited from using mobile phones. State laws have been enacted to deter children from using mobile phones in order to enhance safety on the roads. This is because, children are often easily distracted and mobile phones provide a perfect opportunity for that. Additionally, in accordance with the American Academy of Pediatrics, the average radiofrequency energy deposition is twice higher in the brain and ten times higher in the bone marrow of the skull of children compared to adults.

This implies that the brains of children are much more susceptible to damage by the energy depositions. Children are also susceptible to absorbing twice the amount of radiation into their brain tissue compared to adults because the thickness of their skulls is lower.

What might the arguments against such a law be?

One of the main arguments against the law is based on the emergency and safety benefits that come with children having mobile phones. Having a mobile phone can serve as a lifeline between a child and the parent or guardian.

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For instance, the children can use mobile phones to contact police, fire department, or ambulance services straight away in case of emergencies and in situations where an adult is not around to help. This could help save a life and avoid loss of property. The Global Positioning System and other safety apps are presently installed in many mobile phones, and can be used by parents to track the steps of their children.