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  • I will upload up a voice record and I want you to summarize it.
  • Find voice record

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The audio is about a lady who started up a business from scratch with her friend, and they had no idea what the business entailed. Through the years, they have managed to establish themselves as a top brand in the business and the world as a whole.Their business has a number of advantages: it is a source of information about operations. It also enlightens society about various constraints in their businesses, and of how to overcome them.

The business has benchmarking services and is a good source of networking. This is how you get your job. They give you exposure, and you can view how other companies carry out their operations. An individual may end up getting an idea of what to expect in the business world and where you might work.Once a member, an individual will be able to use the same language as the rest of his/her business associates. This enhances communication and quick understanding among fellow businesspersons, encouraging smooth business transactions.
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The tools engaged include process improvement, capacity management, materials management and planning, inventory, controls strategy and management, maintenance and quality control.Under process improvement, they decided to relocate structures to a better location to prevent unnecessary movements. With capacity management, the staff had to be moved from one station to another. For materials management and planning, they started with a small purchasing department. Computers did most of the heavy lifting; measures on where and which member of staff to recruit.