Sample English Essays On Arab spring

Homework Question on Arab spring

  • Write a minimum of three paragraphs to establish the topic and the Issue(s) to be examined.
  • Paragraph 1: Write a minimum of 4 sentences to catch the reader’s attention. You may use a quote/ anecdote, but it is not a must.
  • Paragraph 2: Write 6 sentences stating how you became interested in this subject.
  • Paragraph 3: Write 2 sentences stating the purpose of your research paper. [State your thesis / hypothesis]
  • Write it in one page and make it simple

Homework Answer on Arab spring

These uprisings happened in many countries of the Arabs between 2010 and 2011. The demonstrations started in Tunisia in 2010 when a vendor set himself ablaze to protest bad treatment by law enforcement officers. The rebellions spread to other countries like Egypt and Libya where the people were motivated by the events that had taken place in Tunisia. The uprising was as a result of the tyrannical regimes and entrenched bribery and corruption in institutions of government.

The citizens in the affected countries were fed up with their leaders and wanted change. The leaders whose citizens saw as dictatorial were overthrown, killed and even others forcefully resigned and exiled.A friend whose cousin lost his life in the uprising shared a story about the events that led to his cousin’s demise in the demonstrations that rocked Egypt. I was touched by the story. This made me to get interested in the topic and want to know more about the Arab spring.

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I have also watched movies that demonstrate the major uprisings that have rocked the world and this has made me to want to know more on uprisings that have taken place in the world. I recently watched a movie related to the uprising and this aroused my curiosity. I also find the topic to be interesting because it enlightens me on the significance of democracy and how oppressive regimes are short lived.