Sample English Essays On American English vs. British English

Homework Question on American English vs. British English

  • It should be 500 words
  • You could be a concerned mother who sent her child to an overseas school how he always been learning american english now he struggles so much because the lessons are british and you could.
  • Write some other reasons like how he can’t socialise etc and you should explain your role also answer this questions in your writing.
  1. How does this paper fit into what you have been studying?
  2. How does your task help to shed meaning on how english has evolved?
  • Also you should refer to the article when you’re writing.

  Homework Answer on American English vs. British English

Used commonly in the United Kingdom, British English is made up of unique dialects which are relatively difficult to comprehend compared to American English dialects commonly applied in the United States (Project Britain 1). This study offers insights into some of language difficulties in Britain such as punctuations, spellings, expressions, phrasing, and pronunciation. Britons emphasize the unspoken letters.

These components differentiate the diverse dialects and thus assist in noting components of the English language in relation to the native languages. This paper thus highlights the reasons behind the differences in the two forms of language, appreciates the background of most of the Americans (Hook 2) and the effect of these elements. For instance, pronunciation has led to limited number of people assuming English as their native language (Hook 1).

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Refugees from non-English speaking countries have had difficulty in understanding the Official language (Hooker 1). The apparent dissimilarities in the two dialects affect socialization. Of great concern to me as a mother is how well my son, who is studying in Britain, will cope with change in dialect. He has come to appreciate American English because it is relatively simpler to familiarize with and comprehend (Project Britain, 1). He always complains of the new dialect that he has to use in his new school.