Sample English Essays On “A Death of One’s Own”

Homework Question on “A Death of One’s Own”

  • After watching A Death of One’s Own; in 3-4 pages, describe why physician assisted suicide is a controversial issue. Examine your personal beliefs.
  • Please answer the following questions in your narrative:
  1. What are the reasons for and against physician assisted suicide?
  2. What ethical considerations may conflict with NASW Code of Ethics? Has this issue affected you personally and if so, how? After examining the reasons both for and against, which side do you support? What convinces you this is the “right” side?  Is this the same position that you had before closely examining this topic?
  • Video link :  SW writing guidlines Documentation In general, all written work should follow APA guidelines (the most recent revision).

Homework Answer on “A Death of One’s Own”

It is an undeniable fact that people fear death, but a painful death is what they fear most. The video “A Death of One’s Own” attests to this fact by documenting the plight of three individuals who are suffering from terminal illnesses to the extent of opting for physician-assisted suicide (PAS). One of the individuals, Jim, is suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), which puts him in a wheelchair. Jim knows that time would come when the illness will overwhelm him to the extent of having difficulties in swallowing, hence he goes ahead for PAS and dies a less painful death.

On the other hand, Kitty has untreatable cancer and opts for PAS when she gets worse; though she dies before she gets it. The last individual, Ricky, has a kidney problem that becomes worse to the extent of keeping him under life-support; as such he opts for PAS. As seen in the documentary, people take different stances as to whether PAS or euthanasia is the last resort based on ethical and religious grounds; as such, it is a controversial issue.

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Arguments for and Against Physician Assisted Suicide

The increased demand for physician-assisted suicide has sparked a lot of debates from all corners of the world it is now one of the most controversial issues in the global society. While there are those in for its adoption, some other groups argue against it terming it as unethical and religiously wrong.