Sample English Essay Summary Why do People buy Iphone over Samsung Galaxy

Why do People buy Iphone over Samsung Galaxy?

The leading companies in mobile phone technologies are Samsung and Apple. These companies are competitors, particularly with regards to their products Samsung Galaxy S4 and iphone 5s. The two phones have different features, and it is essential to understand why people buy iphone 5s in preference to Samsung Galaxy S4. As both are smart phones, there are four key reasons why the preference for iphone is higher than for Samsung. The first reason is the company reputation.

Since Apple was the inventor of smart phones, it is inevitable for the company to have a more superior reputation compared to Samsung. Because of this, some of the customers buy the company’s products over those of Samsung (Barret 6). In addition to this, innovativeness has also made Apple to stand out among other companies such as Samsung hence the preference for the iphone. In particular, the invention of the touch pad by Apple was a game changer in the mobile phone technology industry leading to superior customer perceptions about the iphone.

The iphone also has sophisticated functions operated through touch. This, combined with a friendly user interface makes it the choice of many customers. Moreover, the inventions of Apple are protected by a broad range of intellectual property rights making it difficult for other companies to copy without consequences (Chloe 5). Apple has also directed its iphone to the developed nations where there is greater potential for the product to be afforded. This has given the iphone a higher chance of accessing the market compared to Samsung. Moreover, the design of the iphone is better than that of Samsung. Samsung has been accused of marketing products that are in violation of patent rights for Apple.

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