Sample English Essay Paper on WARD Family

WARD Family

The family of ward is comprised of nuclear and extended families. The nuclear family includes the following members: ward (father), June (mother), Walter (son), Beverly (daughter) while extended family member is Sara (grandmother). According to Piaget, child development is influenced by the input during genetic and prenatal life. Lack of proper care contributed to behavioral changes for Beverly and Walter. The system theory shows the interrelations of the family members and their psychological thinking.


            The Ward family was thriving at the time he was employed. However, ward and June had a history of disagreements in matters concerning family welfare. This is clear through the way June spent her time looking after the family despite her capability to work in the formal sector. She is described as being sharp. June had an affair outside the family matrimonial relationship. This family unit is not working due to the financial challenges, I would therefore advise them to adjust their life style to the current situation. The family will thus be able to make the end meet by managing the little finance they have properly. 

Family Life Cycle

The development goes through the Sensor motor, pre-operational, concrete operational and formal operation agents. In the beginning, the family was financially stable, Walter was obedient, and a good performer in school, Beverly seemed to be extremely cooperative though she would find herself in troubled situations more often and ward mother’s health was stable. This is true according to Piaget’s development in the life cycle. The change of event came because of ward’s retrenchment from his working place (Carter and McGoldrick 45). Beverly was spotted smoking in school while Walter is planning to leave schooling and go to work in a garage. As a therapist, I would advise the children to stop engaging in abuse of drugs and continue with their education. The children lack the support of a therapist with whom they can connect to through the challenging and thus the fall out is normal.


The relationship between the two families and their members is quite influential in determining the success of Ward family. Women are expected to attend to family issues hence are not engaged in formal employment to support their families. (McGoldrick 35).

 The latter scenario renders the family incapable of making ends meets to the extent that one of the family members opts to drop out of school to go and look for work to fend for the family. The two parents should instill hope in their kids despite the financial challenges.

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