Sample English Essay Paper on Video Reflection: The 7 Secrets of The Greatest Speakers in History

            The video “The 7 Secrets of The Greatest Speakers in History” by Richard Greene is thought provoking and gives insight into the details and attitudes that contribute to effective public speaking. Public speaking is a commendable leadership trait because it makes a person have influence over others and the ability to get things done. Having the charm that is associated with public speakers allows a person to have a healthy social life, increases their chances of professional growth and ultimately leads to a satisfying life. Richard Greene condenses the nuances of effective speaking into seven secrets. The seven secrets include words, tone of voice, body language, having a lasered, compelling message, rating well on the communication effectiveness continuum, appealing to the senses of the audience, and authentic passion.

            When I was watching this video for the first time, I thought that it was just another run-of-the-mill motivation video. I expected Greene to repeat the sentiments and tips that I have heard over and over again on how to make a good speech. However, Greene surprises by using a radically different approach. One of the statements that has resonated well with me is his categorizing of the effectiveness of communication continuum. According him, there is performance, presentation and conversational approach to public speaking (TedX Talks). Greene states that a performance turns one into an actor, making the audience not relate well with the speaker or the message passed across. A presentation is more effective compared to a performance, but it lacks the element of passion and relatability that is desired by the audience. He advises that one should strive to have a conversation with the audience. Having a conversation with the audience makes them feel involved in the talk, and a feedback is received in way of the body language of the audience.

            While watching this video, I inadvertently found myself checking whether Greene was applying the same secrets when talking. I could not help but notice the use of body language to emphasize on the points that he was making. I imagined him talking while seated with minimal movement and realized that I would have learned little or nothing from the video. Greene states that 55 percent of the message is communicated via body language (TedX Talks). I have always been skeptical regarding the use of body language, but he has finally convinced me on its importance. When having conversations, I tend to avoid looking at others in the eyes because I find it rude and confrontational. I have realized that this has been limiting gains from my conversations and often makes me appear insincere. Body language is one of the aspects of communication that I intend to improve on as a result of watching this video.

            Greene has included various examples of great speeches, most of which were the tipping points of modern history. At the beginning of the video, he talks about a speech made by Theodore Roosevelt in 1903 that prevented the desecration of the Grand Canyon by hoteliers (TedX Talks). This made me a little bit disappointed, as I believed that the greatest public speaker ever is Martin Luther King. As the video progresses, several clips of Martin Luther King are shown, restoring my faith in content communicated by Greene. Lastly, the effective manner in which Greene has communicated tactics of public speaking will enable me to improve my conversation skills.

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