Sample English Essay Paper on United States Declaration of Independence

            The United States Declaration of Independence is a statement that seeks to express the desire by America to liberate its people while giving them the power to choose leaders based on merit and ability to ensure that their freedom is not compromised. The document was purposed at being a guide to the conductance of government affairs of independent America. It was also supposed to inform future generations on the importance and meaning of according equal rights to all. While various leaders in American history have attempted to uphold the principles laid down in the declaration of independence, there have been instances in which some have not been keen on upholding the declaration. The result has been racial discrimination and oppressive treatment of individuals from minority groups. Based on my personal experiences and observations I can demonstrate ways in which America meets the opening of the Declarations and how it has failed to do so.

            In my experience, political leaders do little to uphold the declaration. In most cases, their campaigns are aligned to policies upheld by their political parties, rather than the idea of liberating the American people of oppressive policies. For instance, the current administration came up with a health policy intended at replacing Obamacare without considering the benefits that made the latter policy worthy of adoption. Under Obamacare, clients were guaranteed of coverage on such aspects as maternity and newborn care, mental health treatment, and prescription drug costs. While the new plan is more affordable, it denies clients these important benefits and so that it has limited benefits.

            The other observation I have made is that although America has done enough to ensure that political leaders are democratically elected, public institutions rely on other parameters to elevate individuals to leadership positions. For example, school heads are chosen largely on a merit-basis, and they maintain their leadership positions irrespective of the impact that their views and policies may have on those they lead. As a result, a leveling system has been in schools, despite that it has been proven to be oppressive to African-American and Latino students. Thus, the failure to exercise democracy in the choice of leaders in public institutions has led some oppressive policies to be used, thus placing underprivileged individuals at a disadvantage.

            Another observation I have made is that when choosing leaders, Americans tend to disregard the value systems that should distinguish good leaders from bad ones. Ideally, leaders should seek to unite people, overlooking their racial backgrounds, sexuality, and gender, among other factors. However, it is not uncommon for Americans to rely on manifestos (most of which are often misleading), to determine the leaders to elect.  The current president may be good at bringing economic success to America, but he has failed terribly at uniting people. He may have succeeded at creating jobs, but because the unification of Americans and upholding of equal rights for all is not among his priorities, he may end up with a legacy of having created a disunited America. Mexicans face more backlash than they did before the president came to power. This is contrary to the ideals of the Declaration.

            America has partly succeeded at upholding the ideals of the Declaration of Independence because its political leaders are elected democratically. However, the nation has failed to fully enforce the declarations by failing to place the right leaders in public institutions. Moreover, by failing to analyze leaders’ principles and ethical values, Americans often choose wrong leaders thus going against the ideals of the Declaration.

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