Sample English Essay Paper on Trifles

Question 1

Trifle is defined as a descriptive term used to refer to something or someone with little importance. With respect to the discussion context, it is important to state that the title is not suitable for the play.

Question 2

  1. The murder setting or farmhouse is located in rural lowa. The actual murder, however, takes place inside the kitchen of a farmhouse.
  2. Geographic location setting of the play is a clear indication that any signs of weather change would be felt in kitchen. Moreover, the play indicates that the murder took place in the winter season of 1900.

Question 3

The kitchen is described as gloomy despite the fact that Mrs. Wright spent most of her time in this room. Moreover, the kitchen is seen to be dirty and individual male investigators could note that despite entering the kitchen themselves (Wale, 25). A little bird “canary” is also found dead in the kitchen and this plays a critical role in determining the murder case within the play.

Question 4

Attorney Henderson – This individual spearheads the investigation of the murder case in the play. From an objective angle, it would be critical to state that the evidence-searching mission by his office failed in delivering justice to Mr. Wright.

Sheriff Peters – This character seems to be competent in his obligation or official duty of reporting such crime to the relevant authorities for court procedures. Sheriff Peters responds to the death of Mr. Wright promptly despite the fact that justice for the marauder does not prevail.

Mr. Hale – This character plays the role of a concerned neighbor and responds immediately upon hearing the murder case in the neighborhood. This is an important part of the paly and it shows how men respond to murder cases of domestic violence involving men as victims.

Mrs. Peters – This character plays a feminist role which pardons a murder case involving one of her female friends in the neighborhood (Wale 26). Hiding the dead bird is an act that shows Mrs. Peters was deeply concerned with an act that does not favor the murder case itself, but addresses female unity in gender violence.

Mrs. Hale – This character also participates in hiding the evidence and this is critical as the accused avoids a court sentencing as a result of this act. Mrs. Hale participates in concealing the evidence mentioned and plays her role as a neighbor who is concerned with domestic violence against women.

Question 5

From an analytic angle, one of the put down comments in the play involves a gender undermining expression which degrades the position of women in the society (Wale 27). Moreover, the men are seen making jokes on the female character who fails to stop domestic violence in modern homes. These are comments from men that shows that there is continuing struggle of blame game in the menace of gender violence.

Question 6

Mrs. Hale is angered by the men who negatively talk about Mrs. Wright since she understands, being a fellow woman, the pain of domestic violence to the female gender (Wale 26). This anger forces her to participate in a conspiracy of hiding the evidence that could have vindicated Mrs. Wright.

Question 7

The women in the play hide the bird as a symbol of feminist unity against the male gender which seems to be blaming gender violence on women.

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