Sample English Essay Paper on Thoughtful Response and Impacts on Teaching Presentations from Provided Readings

In order to create a peaceful and united community, the involved members should be in a position to understand each person is unique in their ways. In simpler terms, human beings are diverse in culture and exhibit different characteristics and attributes that make them unique. It is for this reason that comprehending the practical implications of ethnology, as a social discipline, will be vital in bringing peace and unity in any society (Gaudelli and Amy 42). Ethnology is documented and presented in different ways as evidenced in museums such as National Ethnographic Museum of Berat in Albania and Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb, Croatia. This shows that ethnology is a social discipline that draws its factual relevance in objects, texts and other items from pre-historic times. Information acquired from the study of ethnology will be important in reducing human conflicts that arise from inherent human attributes such as thinking perceptions.

In order to enhance teaching presentation, it will be essential to implementing the practical applications of ethnology as a social discipline. Ethnology museums will improve the communication of information using objects such as wall paintings and sculptures. In modern times, this will be relevant to the informed use of social media platforms to enhance communication as a way of improving human interaction (Gaudelli and Amy 43). The essence of ethnology in self-expression will inform teaching presentation in significant ways. Most importantly, self-expression will improve human interaction in mitigating conflicts arising from cultural differences. Ethnology, regarding this perspective, will be critical in ensuring that the teaching presentation experience attains professional levels which enhance ethnology as a form of social discipline. Collectively, the nature of teaching presentation expected from information provided in the readings will be critical in improving academic progress in other courses.

Work Cited

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