Sample English Essay Paper on the broken contract by George Packer

The broken contract by George Packer

Key Sentences in the Essay

  1. We have all the information in the universe at or fingertips, while our most basic problems go unsolved year after year (Packer paragraph 5)
  2. We can upgrade our iphones but we cant fix our roads and bridges (Packer paragraph 6)
  3. Like any era, the postwar years had their costs. But from where we stand in 2011, they look pretty good (Packer paragraph 9)

            The three critical statements by Goerge Packer explain the economic, social and political situation in America after engaging in a war with Iraq. Out of the statements, the first one is the most important as it indicates the inefficiency of the government in addressing social issues that were brought about by inequality. Packer cites that the nation has access to the necessary technology required to lead the country to the desired level of economic growth and development. However, even with the knowledge of how to improve the economy, the citizens still experience economic problems. The citizens are forced to pay more to acquire various service such as making a long distance telephone call and travelling. The high cost of travelling and communication may undermine the country’s growth, especially in an era where successful business activities depend on the ability to market products to different markets globally.

Most of the problems that the country faces are related to the issue of inequality in the allocation of national resources. Packer argues that the nation is destroyed by its own people. Although warring nations incur huge economic costs during the war, the nation’s situation is not primarily about the war with Iraq. Most of the challenges faced by the country relate to the unequal distribution of resources and poor systems of governance.  The reason that the nation is unable to solve its problems is due to the corruption involved in allocating tenders to contractors.

Instead awarding bids to the deserving and experienced contractors, infrastructure such as roads is entrusted to new companies that may lack the competence to carry out the job at hand. The result is poor quality service delivery that costs more taxpayers money. I can relate to the consequences of inequality in the nation by comparing the situation to my previous employer. I worked for a multinational company that had strict employment policies but they employed a person on the grounds of nepotism and caused the company enormous financial losses.  It is important to enhance equality in the businesses and the entire nation for economic, politicala nd social welfare to be achieved.

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