Sample English Essay Paper on Successful International Career

Question F-

Successful International Career

Food is mentioned in the novel Man to give an impression that it plays an important role in propelling a man towards success in personal career. The writer has gone back to the earlier days in her life and discussed some of the foods she used to use and it has helped her to achieve success in her life. Food that one eats may play role in helping him or her find success. The uncooked foods that the author and family ate had helped them to gain more minerals and vitamins, which might have been killed in the cooking process. The enzymes in these foods helped her to function well both physically and mentally, and this is important for a successful career drive. A starving brain and body would never work properly and help an individual in achieving personal career dreams.

Alertness, focus, innovativeness, creativity, and clear thinking are some of the things that the author was able to achieve because of the foods she ate. The people discussed always changed diet, which enabled their bodies to get the various nutrients needed for different choices and routines. The author and her siblings are able to think outside the box and concentrate on the works they are assigned. Their quick response to situations is further proof that food is important in career success.

Relationships Created and Lives Changed

Throughout the novel, food is seen at the centre of the lives of all characters. These characters have formed relationships through sharing of food; they have also transformed their lives and those of people around them through food. Special meetings were marked by preparations of delicious food for the family members and everyone present. Eating together creates strong bonds among people as depicted by the families in the novel. Food preparations and serving to others is a common thing across all cultures, people strive to show their creativity and make the moments memorable in the lives of all the people who share the meal. Food also helps families and friends connect through sharing meals.

The author grew in a culture where people believe in the sharing and preparing food together. The celebrations were marked by the preparation of food. Growing up with Maman as the third parent had given her more opportunities to get involved in food preparations. Paying visits to relatives created good memories in the author’s life from childhood. No matter the occasion, food has been played a central role in the coming together of various people for different reasons. The author and Maman prepared food together and this created bond between them as they help each other with the preparations. The coconut seller and Maman have a relationship of seller and buyer; they even have a small chat about the red-lips. Various characters in the novel are seen eating together during meal times. There were no disruptions during the meal times, things such as televisions were not there, and the uninterrupted meal times enhanced good relationships throughout the text. The family of the author eats food in the family style, in that, people are help each other in serving their food, especially the children and the people sitting around the person with the bowl. These strong relationships created by sharing foods with other people lead to enhanced lives. The positive relationships have improved as the families spend time together. The time spent together has enabled the families to develop feelings for each other and this has helped them come stronger when problems arise.

Time spent during meals have helped the families to balance time for other activities and to family members .They get time to talk and enjoy each other’s company have fun and have that sense of belonging. The characters are able to build connection with extended family members and find that very important support forms them. Finding time to prepare food, or serve and eat with other people has proved members’ commitment to their family members and are proud to belong to the family. Having fun during meal times make the members to become closer and the family ties develop into friendships. They start seeing the other members as people they can have fun with and talk and their company become so valuable to each other. As daughters prepared food with their mothers, they were taught secret family recipes. When they prepare food and serve, the other family members feel valued and cared for and then they would in return show appreciation to those who prepared and served the food. The author prepares special banana meal for her husband out of love. The habit of showing appreciation and love for others makes relationships stronger and enhances lives. The families in the text have shown that they have good communication between them. During meals, members are involved in small chats. Meal times have improved openness between them and everyone listens to people when they talk. This helps enhance the family relationship and helps them solve small conflicts, which arise between them.