Sample English Essay Paper on Retrospective Analysis of Personality

Personality is what helps in defining who we are, and it is what makes each one of us an individual. Personality traits can either be positive or negative depending on the way one is raised. Several personality traits are inborn, some are acquired, but others are influenced by nurture or the environment that we live (Torgersen 2013).  Just like anybody else, I feel I was born with some personality traits, some of these traits are stuck with me and have refused to fade away despite my age, and the traits include compassion, patience, shyness, and being picky. From my childhood, I used to have compassion for animals, and I used to feel sad whenever I saw people mistreating animals. I had always thought that showing compassion to animals was the only way of making the world a better place. In many occasions, I could take time with cats and dogs trying to feed them and making sure that they were protected from cold. I did not have much compassion for people because I always believed that people would always hurt you, in that they do not see things the same way. This does not mean that I did not feel sad whenever I saw someone struggling. In fact, assisting has become one of the things that I enjoy doing. My compassion drove me to a point where I could sacrifice my time and energy just to assist people or animals that needed immediate assistance I did not mind the fact that people could sometimes be a bother. Throughout my life, I have always been patient when it comes to knowing and learning new things, this I do through listening to speeches that people give, and listening to other people’s conversations.

There are some personalities traits that I believed have changed along the way as I grow; one of them is adaptability and confidence. Over the past years, I have realized that for one to survive in this competitive world, we need to learn to adapt to the situations and conditions that we find ourselves in. It does not matter whether it is at work or learning environment that we are not used to or the one that we feel w are not comfortable with, all we have to do is to learn on how we can familiarize ourselves with the new environment then everything will just function normally. Sometimes it can be with a new group of people, all you have to do is to fit into that crowd and join the flow. Throughout my life, one of the greatest surviving techniques I have learned is that one needs to know how to adapt to survive. Be it at work in a new environment that you are not familiar with or the one you are familiar with or with people the only tool that can assist is being able to fit into the crowd and join the group. I realized that confidence always comes with time, and it is not something that should be rushed. For a long time, I have challenged myself on how to boost my esteem; I was able to come out on top to build my confidence. One thing that I have not been able to change or improve on despite my efforts is my shyness. The good thing is that I have always tried not to let this get in my way. In most occasions, I have challenged myself to look for a way of improving my shyness. This I do through joining conversations in places where there are a lot of people who are strangers. This has assisted me in growing up to be self reliant, confident person who does not need or want anybody’s approval for the decisions that I make in life.

Nature and Nurture

I have always believed that nurture plays a significant role in a creating someone’s personality. When one is born there some personality traits that one is born with, but nurture can make the traits to become either less or more dominant depending on the way one is brought up (Torgersen 2013). In my case, I happen to grow up with an authoritative father, and I used to follow his orders without questioning. I believe this contributed a lot to my shyness trait and having less confidence in myself since I did not get an opportunity question anything or share my views or opinions. Am one person who does not like to cause controversy or any form of disagreement, I always try to roll with the punches. I always believe that I could have had a different personality trait if my environment could have been a positive one.  I longed for an environment where I was able to make a mistake, forward my opinions and have a conversation which was meaningful. I believe that if could have had access to these then I may not have turned out to be shy, have low self-esteem as I am now. According to the science of psychology, someone’s traits will always be affected by early experiences plus the environment (Torgersen 2013).


Torgersen, S. (2009). The nature (and nurture) of personality disorders. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 50(6), 624-632.