Sample English Essay Paper on Personal Description

Personal Description

My name is (your name). I am white, born and raised in Los AngelesCounty, California, United States, Lancaster city. Apart from being open minded, I am outgoing and love meeting new people and making friends. Optimism is one of my attributes because I believe every problem must have a solution, and I am a good problem solver. Moreover, I like listening to other people’s opinions to reason and iron out ideas with them.Likewise, I am intuitive, and I always trust my instincts since they never disappoint.

I believe in political and religious democracy and value every person’s space and choices. However, I do not support the misuse of freedom or violation of the rights of the less privileged in the society.Nevertheless, I like helping the less fortunate because I belief in the phrase, ‘blessed is the hand that gives than the one that receives’. Also, I am a hard worker, and ensure that I work smart to achieve both short and long-term life goals. I am neither a feminist nor a chauvinist, I encourage and advocate for gender equality because each human being must have an equal right.

Naturally, I am a bit biased when it comes to sports and career choice. There are courses Ido not get the logic of having them in the education system. For instance, why would anyone go to study sports yet they are not talented in any sport, they would rather let the talented take the course to improve their skills, and then venture into other areas. On the other hand, it is not fair to give more value and recognition to some sports over the others.For instance, i think sports like football and rugby are morerecognized internationally compared to handball, and this explains why I am not a fanatic of any sport, thus, I visit the gym to keep my physical fitness.