Sample English Essay Paper on My Writing Career



SUBJECT: My Writing Career


Currently am perfecting my writing by finding enough ideas to write about for a good long while. This is by reading articles, observing and analyzing details, dialogue, images and events in my life both in the news and the lives of people who live around me. Am enhancing my self-conscious by becoming too aware of my writing apparatus that enable me to focus more on my writing. Additionally, am developing my interest in life-writing studies to enhance my understanding of the relation of biographies to scientific discoveries. Each day I develop the urge to improve my writing mechanically by setting my goals for this semester. They include determining a specific purpose and working to achieve it, determining a specific audience and its need and using peer feedback.

Narrative writing will be my specific choice of writing. Its main purpose is to tell a story. My task is to observe the surrounding, create different characters and tell the audience what happens to the characters. All my narrative writing will try to answer what happened then and now. Key points to my narratives will be a person telling the story, characters and dialogue, definite and logical beginning, intervals and endings, and integrating situations like actions, motivational, and disputes with eventual solutions (Connelly 14)

Keeping my audience in mind while writing my works will ensure that I meet the expectations of the audience as i compose my story. Knowing who will be my audience and their needs, what is important to them, what they are least likely to care about and the impression i want my writing to convey to the audience will be of great consideration in my mind.

During the semester, I have learnt how to develop the plot for a story, developing themes in the first third and creating a synopsis of the story to ensure that it can fit to the day-to-day life.

I’m looking forward to perfect my writing skill during the semester

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