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I will upload


Part 1: Product Consumption List

Product/ Brand Why I use the productHow often do I use this product
Toothpaste (Colgate)The product is necessary in ensuring that my teeth remain healthy and strong. The product also ensures that my breath remain fresh and my smile warmer.I use this product immediately after every meal, mostly three times a day.
Cereal honey-nut cheeriosThe tastes is irresistible and the ease associated with making it as opposed to cooking breakfast makes it one of my product of choice in the morning.In most cases I take for breakfast and can only use it once per day
Lip gloss Mac spiteLip gloss help keep my lips juicy and fresh. I also love the taste and smell it is associated with.I use it every moment I visit the washrooms just in case.
MilkGiven that I walk a lot going to school most of the week, I love taking fresh milk to help revitalize my system.I take milk two times per day. That is in the morning and late in the evening after school.
BreadIt is a great choice for breakfast. I have an inherent liking for toasted bread.I take the product daily, every morning.
Body Lotion (Nivea)I love smelling nice and refreshing and this product does the trick I use it once per day, every morning
Body DeodorantI hate the smell of sweat in my body and so this product is a great option in keeping freshI used it once per day
Sanitary pads (Tampax Pearl)I cannot do without this being a lady.Three times every month
Trendy clothsI love fashionEveryday

Part 2: Media Consumption List

Day / DateMediumContentAmount of time
Monday 10/12RadioI love the interview programs pitting famous personalities30 minutes to 1 hour
 Reading fiction booksHarry potter is my favorite45 minutes
 SchoolCollegeMost of the day am in college (a maximum of 7hours)
TuesdayInternetI love getting updated on the current world issuesEvery time I feel free am on the internet 
 FilmLove documentaries (the titanic preferably)Two hours
 TVDaily show: Parody news cable show30 minutes
 IPODLove listing to the music variety when commuting to school2 hours

Part 3: Photos of your Consumption

Photo showing my cloth closet

Photo of my bathroom with a range of grooming products

Photo of my television viewing situation

Part 4: Analysis Paper

Most of the products I used are associated with a certain income group given their prices and ease of use. For instance, not most people can afford a classy cloth closet or a TV viewing living room like the one I have. Similarly, not until recently, the use of sanitary pads was associated with some level of shame and most young ladies of school going age were afraid of revealing that they were using them. The role of media in promoting the use of certain products such as the Tampax Pearl sanitary pads cannot be underrated. Through the media, most of the misconceptions and myths that surround the use of certain products have been made clear and even refuted. I believe my consumption profile is consistent with my self-perception since the products are necessities to me. To some of my friends, most of the products I use are relatively expensive and they think am a spoilt little girl with a lavish and extravagant lifestyle. However, the products I use should not be used to determine my personality and self-perception.