Sample English Essay Paper on Gould (“The Terrifying Normalcy of AIDS”)

Gould (“The Terrifying Normalcy of AIDS”)

According to Gould, AIDS is a threat to the universe but individuals have exaggerated the dangers of the disease to the extend that only a few individuals would hear a second narration of the disease. Many people have developed fear because of existing stereotypes that are not true. However, Gould puts it clear that though the disease is dangerous, we experience such a disease due to nature and evolution.

From Gould’s explanations, various theories that people design to justify the origin and existence of AIDS are meant to inflict more fear to individuals. His assertions that he believes in a vaccine to cure AIDS further expounds his belief that it is because of nature that people have AIDS. Though AIDS has caused a lot of damage to the universe, as many lives have been lost, Gould believes that it is not yet time to discover its cure.

The fact that AIDS affect the human’s most sensitive part, the reproductive organs of the body, places it at the helm of any disease that affects human body. Therefore, it is vital that preventive measures be enacted to avoid it. Avoidance is possible but AIDS cannot be prolonged due to its natural nature.

Just like AIDS, cancer has a negative impact on human health such that people who acquire it have the fear of dying soon. Individuals tend to concentrate more on finding cure or rather creating preventive measures without understanding the origin of the disease. Unlike AIDS, which majorly enters the human body through the reproductive organs, cancer takes many forms from the internal body organs, such as the lungs and kidneys to the outer body parts, such as the breasts.

The severity of the spread of cancer is challenging, as individuals who suffer from this disease tend to undergo many challenges, making the body to respond impartially to some activities. A misconception that individuals have against cancer is that it has a specific gender that it affects more; this is normally not the case as different individuals are affected by cancer regardless of the gender, age and other social factors.

Just as Gould asserts that AIDS is likened to a nuclear weapon whose impact is peculiar, cancer has been ranked among the greatest life threats of all times. This is because the protective cells in the body are overpowered by the cancer cells. In the world today, scientists and researchers are striving hard to find cure to treat the diseases that are seen as life threats from generation to generation.

As advancements in technology use are on the rise in the society today, individuals anticipate that one day a reliable cure for this disease will be discovered.  However, it is disturbing as to how the exponential processes are relentless, leading to the failure of the vital body organs as experienced by cancer patients who suffer from frequent failure of body parts, such as heart failure, body numbness, and many more.

Effort by government and various world organizations have proved futile in coming up with a long serving solution to chronic diseases, making it difficult for the average citizen to predict the next menace that will come up when the cure for cancer will have been discovered. Though natural, cancer cells are multiplying every day, putting the human health at a more risky position.