Sample English Essay Paper on Factors Predicting the Importance of Libraries and Research Activities for Undergraduates

Krista Soria – Response

Libraries are an important part of any higher learning institution as it provides a platform for undergraduates to conduct research. The knowledge contained in different reading materials found in libraries enables students to mine data that is relevant to their learning interests. In some institutions, undergraduates are encouraged to review past reading materials from former students to understand the dynamics of research. Knowledge without skills would be considered insufficient as it would not enable an undergraduate to enhance their professions in creative careers. Library and research activities are significant in complementing theoretical knowledge on a topic but does not account for practical knowledge that, collectively, transform into a successful career.

In high school institutions, it is common to find scientific and computer laboratories where experiments are executed. It is in these laboratories that students are taught practical skills of a topic which entails following a provided procedure. Similarly, higher learning institutions such as colleges and campuses have the same facilities which promote research knowledge and skills among students (Soria 467). The magnitude of emphasis put on theoretical knowledge does not benefit students as most of them depict poor practical skills when executing an assignment. Most undergraduates are encouraged to visit the library as a means of learning research knowledge from previous learning experiences by former students. This is insufficient enough in modern economies as undergraduates lack the required practical skills despite having adequate knowledge.

Most scholars claim that research knowledge is beneficial to students as it aids in their academic performance in distinct ways. For instance, a student is able to demonstrate information gathering skills when developing a thesis for a given assignment. However, the end objective of transforming students into competent professionals is not achieved due to the lack of practical skills in implementing a given theory (Soria 469). Modern graduates are not technically-fit to match employer needs for a vacant position. In most countries, it has been noted that this element results in high unemployment rates in which graduates cannot secure decent jobs after completing an undergraduate degree.

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