Sample English Essay Paper on Description of My Field Visit to New York

New York is one of the most popular destinations in the world. There are many places which a tourist can visit in the city. Indeed, I was able to visit beautiful and famous places. A visit to these places went way beyond my expectations and imagination. On that account, I will describe my amazing visit to New York in this paper.

            A visit to New York certainly gives one insight into why o many people go there each year. In fact, statistics depict that more than one million people visit New York each year (Plunz, 15). The first place that I toured was midtown so that I could get a view of the city’s impressive skyline. New York is usually described in terms of its skyline, and the skyline of all cities across the world are always measured against New York’s. My tour of Manhattan revealed that silhouette developed by the building is simply iconic. There were so many tall buildings that gave to the justification to the fact that the city has more than 100 buildings that 500 feet and above (Plunz, 56). Whereas I felt this immensity everywhere, my best experience of its was at the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center and observatory at the Empire State Building. After relishing the views on top of a skyscraper, I decided to take a vantage point from the ground in Midtown and Lower Manhattan.

            My next visit was walking through the Times Square. Admittedly, I have been waiting for a chance like this for nearly my whole life since I have admired the views of the location by watching it in films since I was a child. The tour revealed that Times Square is where all the magic happens. No matter what time of the day, the place is always alive and crowded with people; it is epitome of a city that never sleeps. To get the greatest effect of this location, I decided to visit it after sunset so that I could be mesmerized by the big screens and bright lights. The wattage that I saw made me think that it was still daytime. I was impressed by learning that most of the area is closed to vehicles thus enabling me to walk safely across the street. Whilst there, I decided to take my dinner at an Italian restaurant located in the Ninth Avenue. I also popped in at one H&M store and was pleasantly surprised to see that the store has its own runaway. I then took a short stroll to the Sixth Avenue where I visited the Radio City Music Hall and the Museum of Modern Art where I saw some of the most impressive collection of modern art in the world.  

            The last place that I visited in New York City was the Statue of Liberty. This place is iconic and a tour of the site demonstrated why it is ranked so highly. The actual statue was so impressive and one can clearly see its value to American society as a whole. The guide who took us through the site was very informative and gave me insights that I was not familiar with. Overall, I can firmly assert that New York is one of the most impressive cities in the world. I will certainly return for a more comprehensive tour. 

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