Sample English Essay Paper on Current Energy Use and Consumption and Impacts

Current Energy Use and Consumption and Impacts

People are becoming aware of environmental issues and their effects on humans. As such, there is more responsibility and concern toward maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment. People are focusing on the purchase and consumption of environmentally friendly products favorable to the ecosystem and humans. Despite the existing standards and policies aimed at ensuring sustainability and conservation of the environment, people are still involved in activities such as the irresponsible energy use that have adverse effects on humans and the environment.

Current energy use affects the environment in various ways. It is one of the leading factors contributing to global warming witnessed globally. The trend has led to the emission of gases such as carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere that interfered with the ozone layer thus leading to high temperatures (Omer, 2009). Current energy use also causes the pollution of water and air due to the emission of gases resulting from the process (Omer, 2009). Moreover, current energy use is all about the use of fossil fuels that are mined excessively leading to environmental degradation and the loss of biodiversity.

Conspicuous consumption and the current use of energy pose a significant threat to humans as well. As a result of global warming, humans are susceptible to various illnesses. Besides, conspicuous consumption of energy has interfered with human’s access to food or medicine (Cole, 2010). Moreover, the fact that there are limited energy resources available has led to conflicts over consumption of energy.

Current energy use has adverse impacts on humans and the environment. Concerning humans, adverse effects of current energy use include susceptibility to illnesses, interference with access to food or medicine, as well as conflicts over consumption on the limited energy available. When it comes to the environment, current energy use has contributed to global warming, increased pollution, and resulted in environmental degradation and the loss of biodiversity.


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