Sample English Essay Paper on Assignment for Learning Curves

Assignment for Learning Curves

The concept of learning curve explains the way human performance improves when a given activity is done on a repetitive basis. The learning curves suggest that the increasing repetitions when performing an activity decrease the time required to complete a task. A learning curve is an analytical tool that is used in management to give an estimate of the rate at which cumulative experience allows employees to perform a given task at a short time and incurring minimal costs. Operations managers apply learning curves to help them formulate an estimate on how repetitions of an activity lower the amount of resources that could be required to accomplish a task. Learning curve is as a result defined by the equation that contains the rate of improvement in performing an activity as a function of the cumulative repetitions of the task.

                                                                  Learning Curve

Time per Unit                                

                                                                                                 Number of units

B. Assume 80% learning curve and the first item take 20 hours.

  1. How long will item 5 take?


Tn = T1*n^b

Where Tn – Time for the nth unit, T1 – Time for the first unit, b – In [(learning percentage/100)]/ In 2. In the formula, 1n stands for the natural logarithm.

T5= 20*5^ (In 0.8/In 2)

T5= 20*5^ (-0.2231/0.6931)


T5= 11.914 hours.

Time to complete five items is 11.914 hours.

  • How long will 18 items take?

Tn = T1*n^b

T18= 20*18^ (In 0.8/In 2)

Log.8/log2= -0.3219

T18= 20*18^-0.3219

T18= 7.88 hours.

Time to complete 18 items is equal to 7.88 hours.

  • What is the average time per item for the 18 items?

Average time (AT) = total time / total items produced

AT for 18 items = (7.88*60)/18

AT= 26.27 minutes

The average time for 18 items is 26.27 minutes.

C. Assume 85% learning curve and the first item take 300 hours.

  1. How long will item 10 take?

T1= 300 hours


Tn = T1*n^b

T10= 300*10^ (In 0.85/In 2)

Log.85/log2= -0.2345

T10= 300*10^-0.2345

T10= 174.83 hours.

Time to complete 10 items is 174.83 hours.

  • How long will item 30 take?

T1= 300 hours


Tn = T1*n^b

T30= 300*30^ (In 0.85/In 2)

Log.85/log2= -0.2345

T30= 300*30^-0.2345

T30= 135.125 hours.

The time required to complete 30 items is 153.125 hours.

  • What is the average time per item for the 30 items?

AT= Total time (t)/ number of items (n)

AT= 135.125/30

AT= 4.504

The average time for the 30 items is 4.504 hours.