Sample English Essay Paper on All Quiet on the Western Front

War is not glorious or honorable, as most people tend to portray. It is only after going through the harsh and unimaginable brutality of it that one gets to understand the whole aspect. War changes people, and life after war is not easy given that there is a contact physical and mental horror, commonly referred to as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The brutality of war gives a new meaning to the ideals of nationalism and patriotism that leaders preach to the citizens to embrace when in fact it is only political (Remarque 25). For this exercise, I will take on the persona of Heinrich Bredemeyer, a soldier who informs Paul’s mother about front-line dangers.

Life at the forefront is not easy. The treatment we received is inhumane; the food rations were withheld despite the reduction in number of the men intended to eat. The condition for survival was even worse and no one seems to notice or even contribute towards its betterment. There were instances where soldiers had to take the belongings of their friends, who had fallen in battle to cater for personal needs. It takes one to disconnect from human emotions in order to survive, which changes a person entirely.

In war, soldiers are treated as insignificant people, with the generals having a different treatment from the rest. War gives them power and arrogance, which is used to mistreat the “foot” soldiers. Instincts and brutality keep a man alive at war. People do not recognize the lives lost in attempt to protect the nation. War for soldiers does not end even at the end of it all, the experiences cause a traumatic stress disorder that scar lives forever.