Sample English Essay on Persuade a Friend to Give Up Drugs

Persuade a Friend to Give Up Drugs

            The use of drugs is a dangerous activity that not only affects ones social lives negatively, but also damages our body and could lead one to addiction. Drugs are usually made using different chemical substances that are harmful for one’s heath and through drug abuse one could lose his or her life for using a drug just to get a hallucination. The use of drugs does not make a person’s life better in anyway, it actually damages a person’s life and leads one to an early grave. It is not interesting to see someone lose his or her life at an early age due to the use of drugs. It is therefore important to keep off drugs and people who influence you for using such substances. By associating more with such people, who actually should also not be using drugs, the more you will use them often and start having an addiction to a harmful drug.

I am very sure that you have dreams and goals for your life, and therefore in order to stay relevant to your goals and dreams, it is important that you keep off drugs and friends that tend to derail you from attaining your dreams. Moreover, some drugs are usually used by injection, which is a dangerous process. Due to having high paranoia and hallucinations, one tends to share the injection with the rest which could lead to serious sicknesses or diseases such as HIV and other diseases that could be transmitted in such a way. This is not something that you have ever thought of coming into your life. Apart from the use of drugs through injections, also the use of other drugs could lead you to diseases. This is because, the use of drugs makes one to be totally out of control and would lead a person to indulge in risky activities such as sexual activities with strangers or even fights that could lead to serious injuries or death. It is therefore important to consider the consequences of using such drugs, and is sure it is not something that you would like to experience, but to experience this just starts with the use of a drug for the first time.  

            Moreover, ensuring that you accomplish all your dreams and trusting in God is a good way to staying away from the use of drugs and trust me you will never have regrets about it.