Sample English Essay Summary on Gun Control

Gun Control

The awareness that an individual in a crowd openly carries a gun yet is not part of the law enforcement brings to mind many ideas. Due to events that have been occurring in the past, openly carrying a gun is connected to characteristics such ad crime, gang membership and in some cases, hunting. Guns are good for self defense purposes as they enhance security. However, when placed in the wrong hands, guns can result in untold pains as has been evidenced in the previous years where people openly carried guns and shot at fellow good citizens for no reason at all. There is currently no explicit law against carrying Gus. However, it is recognized that the use of a gun for any purposes other than intention to protect citizens is recognized as illegal.

In the contemporary U.S, guns are widely accessible both legally and illegally (Lunger 59). The ability of those accessing guns to balance between Safe living and gun misuse is a prerequisite to gun control implementation. One of the reasons behind gun control measures is the preservation of life.

Since every human life is important, taking another person’s life just because one owns a gun should be unacceptable. Measures for gun control ensure that guns remain in the custody of responsible people and that such guns are used responsibly. Moreover, gun control opponents argue that guns are essential for self defense practices such as prevention of rape.  Many Americans believe that gun ownership should not be restricted, they all fail to understand that the constitution only allows gun possession by the military (Gold 59). Despite the position of many Americans that gun control should be maximized, the paper argues that gun control is the only way to avert violent crimes and protect citizens from mass murder by persons wronged by others.

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