Sample English Essay Summary on evolution


The evolution of antibodies refers to changes occurring in the human immune systems. These changes occur not only because of changes in the internal system of organisms, bud also in reaction to changes in the external environment. The body changes in order to adapt to environmental changes. Changes occur and are visible both inside and outside the bodies with the objectives of fighting for limited resources in the environment.

Genetic evolution studies the changes in the genetic structures of humans. The objective of genetic evolution is to study these changes through genotype frequencies and the processes that initiate and advance these changes. There are processes that take place to ensure that the changes that occur are permanent. Moreover, the processes also ensure that the changes produce variations of the same genotype to avoid adverse effects.

In talking about the Darwinian theories, there have been suggestions that the changes he proposed could have happened had he lived. This is however said to be possible only after the 19th century. However, if Darwin could have lived, there is a possibility that some other scientists could have come up with evolution theories either in support of Dar win’s theory or against it.

Although some of the theories could have been similar to those of Darwin, it is possible that they could be based on different philosophies. Apart from the evolution theories and the possibilities, there are also other suggestions that had there been alternative theories, human understanding of evolution could also have been different. The rationale behind this argument is that evolution changed several aspects of life, including religion. Moreover, atheism was also based on evolution.

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