Sample English Essay on Ernest Hemingway ‘The Snows of Kilimanjaro’

Ernest Hemingway ‘The Snows of Kilimanjaro’

The short story based on a character known as Harry was written by an author influenced by the fear of dying without having finished his work on earth. As a result, he had to use flashbacks to indicate and/or express Harry’s feelings concerning the fear of dying. More so, the flashbacks were vital as Harry being a protagonist was constantly facing death. Thus, the flashbacks were used to indicate that Harry experienced the fears during real moments (Emily, 1991).

Harry did not pretend to hate women. This is because his feelings being mortal were influenced by the story of Hemingway. The author’s history with women was marred with hatred and resentment, as he had married severally inciting bitter feelings towards females. As a result, Harry also had to be bitter towards women hence, hating Helen. Thus, he had to insult her like calling Helen a rich bitch and destroyer of his talents to show he loathed and hated her (Emily, 1991).

Harry claims he married for money rather than love. He also questions his wife’s purpose in this world. For example, he asks her why she wastes her gifts while allowing him to take lead and misguide her life by taking advantage of her wealth without loving or appreciating her dedication. Thus, Harry uses these forms of hatred, anger, and resentment to indicate he was recovering from a bloody combat in World War I. He also lives in denial of his current situation before accepting and finally fearing he could die from engaging in bloody combats after opting to rely and regard on his wife’s money as armor. This is because he does not believe he is leading a peaceful life in a nonviolent environment (Emily, 1991).

These signs shown by Harry that he is recovering play a crucial role in adding an extra meaning to the story. This is because they indicate that although he is afraid of dying, he does not fear falling short in meeting his goals. Thus, when death actually occurred after suffering from gangrene, Harry acknowledges there is nothing more he can do to fulfill his life goals. Thus, people should utilize their present conditions to fulfill their life desires without living in fear marred with resentment and hatred.


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