Sample English Essay on A Review of Small Group Communication

A Review of Small Group Communication

Personal reflection on things I will continue to do in future

Group communication is fundamental in every learning process since it facilitates processes that would lead to skill impartment and generation of innovative ideas for the purposes of knowledge processing. Engaging in interactive discussion is elliptical to the understanding of current issues relevant to information processing. This means and exploring personal and group potentials for both current and future performance improvement.

While engaging in group activities, it is important to remain active throughout since by contributing to group discussions, a person gains insights into some of the communication challenges people experience in their daily encounters. Paying particular commitments to group assignments and completing the tasks in time not only improves group performance, but also make them feel part of the group. For example, I consider myself efficient when it comes to group work because I always complete my group assignment ahead of time. It is true that my communication group has always remained time conscious when it comes to submission of group assignments partly due to my efforts.

Other than contributions through timely deliveries, I always understand the needs to keep regular contact with the group and respond to issues affecting the group at the appropriate time. I have remained supportive of my group, and through proper decisions, the group has always succeeded even at its most tempting moments. I understand that for a communication group to keep active, members must always remain committed, or rather spend much of their time discussing and consulting one another. In other words, I play an effective and active role in my communication group, and this will continue as long as I am still a member of the group.

Through positive pieces of advice, the group has always remained strong, interactive and productive. It is true stating that my good performance in class obtains many contributions from my group members because every member seems highly concerned with the outcomes of group discussions. Even though I do not take a course related to critical thinking, I believe that the suggestions and ideas I contribute to the groups are some of the positive drives that have seen the groups succeed to this end. I highly value group work when it comes to improving interpersonal and intrapersonal communications, and, as a result, my contributions to the group will continue into the unforeseeable future.

Things I would do differently in future group meetings

Group meetings are dynamic in nature and bring together the minds of people with diverse reasoning skills, ideas, and experiences. At times, it becomes hard engaging in active discussions, especially if the topic under discussion is beyond a person’s level of knowledge. It is true that my personality admires an environment where I can do most of the thinking and little listening from group members. In situations where I do a lot of listening and not thinking, I get frustrated and feel not part of the group. This is the main reason I need to attend more of critical thinking lessons so that I can engage group members in active discussions and not accepting every suggestion arising from them. Through critical thinking skills, I believe I will be able to fit into the group at all levels of discussion without fear.

Apart from gaining reasoning and interrogative skills, I need to learn some leadership skills so that I can be able to support the group through the discussions. At one point, I was given the responsibility to lead the group discussions, but I became afraid and refused the responsibility. This is why I think it would be necessary if I take some leadership training, gain experience with leadership functions and be able to lead the group once in a while.

It is always good to keep regular contact with teammates or other classmates even when there are no group assignments. Keeping regular contact with teammates outside group discussions will allow me know them more, understand their strengths and weaknesses so that there is improved communication with me and other team members. Apart from recognizing team members, there are other motivations besides team discussions like engaging in games and other co-curricular activities. I believe it is more fun discussing with friends than strangers you only meet at particular times of your life.

Question 2:

On the supportive statement, Bert should be encouraged to take the other part of the upcoming project. This would meaning posting positive statements without giving reasons so that Bert can feel part of the team. For example, I would tell Bert to communicate with the group in case of any problem with the project so that early assistance could be sought.

On the defensive statement, Bert should be encouraged to take the other part of the upcoming project while stating some of the reasons. For example, I would tell Bert that completing the upcoming part of the project is necessary since it would not only add to the grade of other group members, but also to his personal grades.