Sample English Article Review Paper on Climate Change

Climate Change

The topic

  • The article main issue is on climate change and the importance of individual efforts in the corporate campaign.
  • It presents the argument that the scientific developments and discoveries achieved have made the efforts of one person seem comparable to a drop of water in the ocean.
  • However, according to the author, the issues that result in the problem we face are personal and domestic.
  • Hence, despite the anticipation of its insignificant contribution, moral decisions in favor of the environment are the starting point for this fight.


  • Our utilization, consumption, and excesses are what cause deterioration of the environment leading to climate change.
  • These consumptions on the backdrop of specialization reveal a society whose dependence on cheap energy and assessment of value only in financial terms has subtly traded its drive for change in exchange for change
  • . Finally, though the concept of giving up some part of what we consider normal existence is a cause for anxiety the complete understanding of what such changes would result in and what failure to institute those promises is enough motivation to ensure complete dedication on a personal level.
  • The overall long-term chain effect should be its objective as opposed to quick-fix solutions. This message is repeated throughout the article via the author’s thoughts and the thoughts of others he quotes.

Main Idea

  • The author’s main idea is that it possible to sustainably achieve the development of proper, conscious, personal long-term solutions that influence our environment positively and have the capacity to benefit our bodies as well, we are obligated to bother about doing just that.