Sample English Argumentative Essay Paper on Cigarette Smoking Is an Unhealthy Lifestyle

            For someone who wants to appear gorgeous and presentable, smoking a cigarette is a lifestyle to avoid. Smoking cigarettes not only impacts an individual’s appearance but also triggers severe illnesses, for instance, lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Smoking cigarettes result in poor health and hygiene, for example, it strains one’s teeth or makes one have a non-pleasant smell. According to Aeschbacher (1040), the lifestyle also makes the user release bad breath each time they open their mouths to converse. Therefore cigarette smoking is a nasty lifestyle that should be curbed and avoided especially by the younger generation. The significant question, however, is how individuals would choose a lifestyle that negatively impacts their health and endangers the well-being of those close to them. Research reveals that most children are born with diseases such as pneumonia and bronchitis as a result of secondhand smoke that relates to this habit. If a parent smokes cigarettes, the child’s chances of acquiring ear issues and other health-related challenges such as wheezing and coughing, and asthma also increase.

            Such challenges motivated me to keenly look at a certain white and black picture of a pretty middle-aged lady while reading the American photography magazine. I thought of her as a typical model at first, but after taking a double look, I discovered the title of her photo which described her as beautiful, with sparkling eyes, beautiful hair, but her teeth were stained. Upon taking a closer look, I discovered that the woman wore no smile on her face and she was facing sideways (Millarini et al. 95). The woman in the photograph appeared lost and troubled and she seemed like someone who was vastly stressed about life. For a second I thought that maybe she failed to wear a smile because her teeth were rusty and stained. At the bottom of the picture was an advertisement from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention with a message that “If you believe cigarette smoking is a cool lifestyle, rethink again because it permanently distorts your teeth and there absolutely nothing beautiful about that.”

            The disease control and prevention center employed a famous photographer to capture the image for advertisement and publicity. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention efforts to discourage cigarette smoking in the societies and schools employs the pathos and ethos to convince its target audience. The organization also enlists the expertise and assistance of popular celebrities, models, and actors to pass on the same message as postulated by Aeschbacher (1042), the celebrities request for help from the society members and officials to eradicate this vice and create awareness of the dangers of smoking cigarettes to the younger generations. The advertisement photo of the woman with stained teeth employs ethos to persuade young women to avoid the lifestyle as it does not enhance their beauty, but permanently damages it, which could trigger low self-esteem. The pathos point regarding this photography makes anyone that comes across it believe that cigarette smoking leaves him or her stressed and worried like the women in the photo. The side effects of this lifestyle could leave an individual depressed and low, which is possibly another reason why this woman not smiling.

            In conclusion, smoking cigarettes has adverse effects, and thus the Center for Disease Control and Prevention urges everyone to create awareness and eradicate the dangers of this lifestyle to the young generation to curb the vice.


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