Sample English Argumentative Essay on Spanking; the Most Appropriate Form of Punishment


Parents endeavor to raise their children in a manner that projects discipline and remarkable moral standards. Over the years, they have used several means of achieving that objective, including spanking. While it was initially generally accepted, spanking has generated intense debate in the recent years, especially regarding its effectiveness.  I strongly believe that it is the most effective discipline technique. Hence parents ought to adopt the method. Below are the reasons as to why spanking serves as an appropriate form of disciplining children;

  • According to a recent survey, 61% of parents of young children and 62% of the adult population view spanking as an acceptable method of installing (Benjet. 195).
  • ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child’ is a popular phrase that continues to be used by most parents who practice the method. Diana Baumrind, a psychologist, regards spanking as a constructive discipline style whereby parents take the position of authority (Webb 4).
  • Additionally, Afifi et. Al asserts that it is an immediate and productive form of discipline that drives a child to immediately comply with the parents’ moral demands (3).
  • Frequently spanked children are thereby deemed to obey their parents unquestionably and therefore, behave accordingly
  • According to research studies, spanking, like corporal punishment, causes uncomfortable physical pain thereby inflicting unpleasant stimulation on the child (Afifi et al. 4). Hence, most of them would choose to do the right thing to avoid getting spanked.
  •  Some empirical studies suggest that spanking is an effective mean of behavioral control that does not result in long-term negative consequences (Benjet et al. 198).


The implication of the act is clear and specific concerning the learned behavior and obvious consequences (Webb 2). Meta-analysis studies performed between 1961 and 2000 established that it does not substantially increase the risk of a child developing cognitive, behavioral and emotional problems, contrary to the belief of those who oppose method (Webb 3). However, it is vital for parents to also communicate well with their children for them to comprehend why their parents spank them and internalize the right values and morals.

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