Sample English Analytical Essay Summary on Plagiarism


Plagiarism refers to the act of representing other people’s ideas or words as your own without citing the original source of the works. There are many ways in which people plagiarize. One of them is through paraphrasing other people’s ideas and facilitating to recognize original owners. Additionally, one may represent unoriginal work and referencing the unoriginal source as the real source. In the academic world today, plagiarism causes a global challenge. Internet connections have made plagiarism even easier as many people simply copy from the internet and fail to recognize the sources of their works (Neville 29). There are several reasons that are linked to plagiarism.

Plagiarism in the contemporary world involves infringement of copyright acts through the representation of another person’s registered ideas as your own. With regards to the copyright laws, plagiarism can be related to fraud since the person who commits plagiarism fraudulently benefits from the act (Bidgoli 256). While proper citation reinforces arguments and accords the information source the right kind of respect, plagiarism denies the information sources their dues in terms of respect and finances. On the other hand, the person who plagiarizes is denied the chance to develop their own ideas.

Students may be lazy leading to failure to complete assignments in a timely manner. In such a case, the students plagiarize in order to beat deadlines. Plagiarism may also occur unintentionally when the students have no idea of the impacts of plagiarism and how to reference their ideas correctly. Another cause of plagiarism is habitual copying. Students may also plagiarize by copying their colleagues’ works either intentionally or unintentionally. Plagiarism among students is thus connected to the desires to score high marks without having to work for the marks.

With the emergence of advanced technologies, detecting plagiarism through software has become easy. This is because the process is easy as it take a short time to run a piece of work through software where it is compared with other previous works. The level of plagiarism in the material is detected and indicated. The checked material is then stored within the Software’s database for future reference (Bothma et al 127). Apart from this, physical scrutiny can also be used to detect plagiarism even though this process is burdensome. Plagiarism is associated with various social impacts across the board.

For instance, academic materials are weakened and denied the moral value they deserve through plagiarism. In the business context, plagiarism results in irritation or the original information sources besides denying them the opportunity to reap the benefits of their works. Moreover, the act reduces the morale of the original authors preventing them from working hard; those who plagiarize also fail to work hard. It also results in the loss of trust for the person who plagiarizes and impacts the entire society negatively through failure to generate new ideas (Bryman 126).

There are various ways through which students and other individuals can avoid plagiarism. One of them is through the use of one’s own words and ideas in the writing process. This requires investigation and critical thinking. Consulting other sources is also allowed as long as the information therein is developed and the ideas cited accordingly. Paraphrasing is not limited to rearranging words but involves retaining of the idea and meaning and representing the work through new forms.

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