Sample Engineering Papers On Volkswagen of American Inc.

Homework Question on Volkswagen of American Inc.

  • The paper report requirements : Lean Manufacturing
  • An auto company (Volkswagen of America Inc. )
  • Please research the company above for their “lean manufacturing or quality improvements efforts” to be the best. Thoroughly research the company website for information, or news/web articles or other “Google” resources.
  • Write a very detailed technical report per APA .16 pages long on their lean ideas/improvements that the company has implemented or in the process of implementation. Give at least one or more study examples
  •  The paper should comprise the following items:
  1. Company’s brief Summary.
  2. Select one or more lean study company examples
  3. Critic or complement the company’s effort to increase lean manufacturing
  4. Use some specifics in order to pass on the “lesson” to be learned from your report.
  5. Include your thoughts, recommendations, and conclusions. You must illustrate your understanding of the lean topic.

Homework Answer on Volkswagen of American Inc.


Volkswagen of America (VWoA) is an operational entity with its headquarters in Herndon, Virginia, United States in North America that is a subset of Volkswagen Group of automobiles companies of Germany founded in 1965. It covers 20 operational facilities in the US mainly dealing in Automobiles and Automotive parts. VWoA designs, manufactures, and distributes passenger and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, engines, turbo machinery and offers related services such financing, leasing and fleet management.

VWoA main objective is to offer attractive, safe and environmental friendly sound that are competitive in an increasingly tough market with a set world standards in their respective classes. It has the largest share market in Europe for over two decades, thus ranking the ninth in the list of world largest companies. Volkswagen employs the philosophical principle of Lean manufacturing to run services (Plunkett, 2007).

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Lean manufacturing focuses in using efficiency to add value to customers. This simply means a way of minimizing waste during or at the manufacturing process. It can be traced back to indirect decedent of the early manufacturing methods predominant during industrial revolution, which was followed by American system of manufacturers and for quest interchangeable parts. Lean manufacturing is entirely derived from Toyota Production System (TPS) and came to be identified as lean in 1990s (Ries, 2011).