Sample Engineering Paper On The Rich and Poor Nations

Homework Question on The Rich and Poor Nations

  • Suppose you are an impartial observer at the conference referred to in the first question.
  1. What compromises do you think are necessary on the parts of rich and poor nations in order to reach a fair and workable agreement that will be acceptable to both groups? ( At least two reference)

Homework Answer on The Rich and Poor Nations

There exists a galloping among those that are perceived to be poor and those perceived to be rich because of the social as well as the financial differences among them (Haidt 78). Likewise, nations that are poor and those that are rich have a wide range of gap that separates them. However, nations need to accommodate one another irrespective of their differences so that they can mutually benefit. This makes the rich nation and the poor nations to have some compromises that will provide a channel for agreements that are acceptable by them all.

However, it is difficult to compromise because every side has their own rights and wrongs that could probably be different from the other side. These compromises will involve each side to forego some of the things as well as decisions that they think are valuable, and will help them achieve their main objectives in relation to their relationships with the other countries, be it the rich or the poor countries. However, the decisions made finally bring some fair and true view benefits to the countries that take those compromises.

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The first question regards a conference that if I were an impartial observer, I would advise both the rich and the poor countries to take some compromises so that they can reach an agreement that is fair and easy to complement as well as to work out for them to realize some benefits. First, the poor nations will have to compromise their old revolutionized democracies so that they can create some space for new ways of doing things.