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  • Give your essay a good, interesting title.
  • Have an interesting way to open your essay. Your first paragraph should contain your thesis sentence. Cite sources to strengthen your position. Your closing paragraph should summarize your position(s) without repeating.
  • Use graphs, figures, or tables if they illustrate your point. If using graphs, figures, or tables, they must have a caption, and you must elaborate on what they represent, including interpretation.
  • Consult the SPE Style Guide. Pay attention to the automatic spell (and syntax) checker flags

Homework Answer on Fracking

The decision on whether to adopt fracking has attracted heated debate based on whether it should be allowed and expanded globally to trade the natural gas. The proponents argue that it depicts unlimited possibilities to create employment and other economic gains. On the other hand, the opponents dissent and are concerned about the health and environmental effects associated with natural gas development alongside the scuffles circumventing land rights (Benusic 2013).

There is a further critical question about what direction or strategies are appropriate to meet the growing demand for clean energy. The question raised is ‘can natural gas be regarded as a lower-carbon bridge fuel or is it merely a continuation of fossil fuel dependency?’ This paper examines the two sides based on the pros and cons of fracking as a possible alternative clean energy to take a position on whether fracking is a panacea for the clean-burning energy of the future or an environmental disaster in making.

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It has culminated in both severe damages to the environment and health. Particularly, some of the shales holes have been unsuccessful thereby collapsing. The consequences of the collapsed shales are reflected in houses developing severe cracks in the walls due to the subsequent earthquakes. The externalities arising from the many required shales holes to make fracking economically viable are great on both land and people.