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Homework Question on Welding Robots

  • The student must answer the following 3 key concepts…
  1. What is the history of the technology? a. Impact of the technology and it’s limits
  2. How is it used today?
  3. What are some possible future developments for the technology?
  • There must be at four (4) three sources of information from reliable publications or sites.
  • Paper need to consist of title page, table of content, introduction, body of the paper, conclusion, and references.
  • Reference must be cited in the literature. Any direct citation should be indented – consult APA manual for more information.
  • The report must at least five pages using 12 pica size fonts and doubled spaced (excluding the Title page and table of contents)
  • You must use MLA format and include a bibliography on the last page.
  • For MLA Format please see:

  Homework Answer on Welding Robots

The methods for joining materials have been familiar for thousands of years but for most part of the period, it was known to be carried out by blacksmiths. Welding is a permanent method of joining pieces of material through the use of heat and/or pressure. The near end of the nineteenth century saw the technology of welding evolve very quickly with various innovations and improvements in the techniques used.  The availability of sufficient electrical current led to the technological advancements of resistance welding and arc welding.

Robot welding refers to the utilization of programmed machines (robots) in automating a welding process by carrying out the weld and handling the parts. It is regularly used in high production applications like the automotive industry, to carry out resistance spot welding and arc welding (Bolmsjö et al. 4).Robot welding is a comparatively recent robot technology because robots were initially introduced into the USA industry in the 1960s.

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Robot welding was not embraced until the 1980s and was majorly used in the automotive industry, more especially in spot welding. From then, the use of robots in the industry has tremendously increased as well as their applications.Robot arc welding has developed quickly in the recent times and is estimated to command around twenty percent of all industrial robot applications.