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Homework Answer on Odd Numbers


I have a weird phobia, the dread of odd numbers. Odd numbers are integers that are not multiples of two, and when two divides odd numbers, the outcome is not a whole number but a fraction, decimal, or a remainder. Odd numbers could be defined as numbers one more, or less, than even numbers. In that regard, they could be represented as 2n+1 or 2n-1, where n is any integer.[1] This paper will discuss different aspects that make odd numbers odd, and thus contribute to my phobia.

The Oddness of Odd Numbers

Spirituality has taught me that odd numbers have a significant implication. The oddness of odd numbers is anchored in the reality that each one of them can be obtained from an even integer to which 1 is added. For instance, number 15 is obtained from 14+1. In this case, 1 will be a constant and will represent odd numbers. That is, irrespective of the odd number that is chosen, there will at all times be 1 stand back from an even number.

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This exceptionality is considered a representation of the uniqueness of God. In accordance with the principle of the Pythagoreans, 1 (an odd number) was deemed as the father (origin) of numbers while 2 (even number) the mother.[2] Hence, this clarifies the origin of the general tendency of odd numbers being manly, and the even numbers womanly. On this note, the father was considered creditable of bigger respect than the mother. In addition, 1 being the source of all numbers characterized immortality, as God was the creator and designer of all. 1 was thus treated as a sign of harmoniousness and order.